Grace Academy Daycare Center has been committed to help serve and assist with some of your parental responsibilities, and to take care of our kids in a safe and healthy Christian environment. We are a weekday daycare provider and we work for your convenience while making sure your children are being nurtured and cared for. We put your child’s future first and will take every step needed in preparing them for the future.

Why Choose Us

We believe every single child is key to our success. We pride ourself in meeting  their needs. Your satisfaction as a parent matters to us. At Grace Academy, we are here for you.

Services Offered

Grace Academy spends quality time on each child’s development and we ensure that their needs are met with the various services we provide ranging from Infant to K-12.

Secure Process

We have many events lined up throughout the year for our kids including our exciting annual summer camp. Our kids safety and your peace of mind is our aim and goal.

How We Work

Our experienced staff is highly trained and qualified and are dedicated to providing our kids with individualized trusted care physically, socially, educationally and mentally.

We are here for you!

We are staffed with professional, caring employees that understand the needs of your child and to satisfy parents’ expectations. Grace Academy Center provides the best quality child care to satisfy you and your child’s delicate needs.

Now Enrolling.

If ever you have questions, concerns, or feel you are ready to enroll your child in our daycare center, call us at 281-564-7220.